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Email Courses  >  Healing Spiritual Illness Course
Healing Spiritual Illness Course

Healing Spiritual Illness Course

Price: $129.00

Learn how to recognize, deal with, and heal some of the most common forms of spiritual illnesses. Taking advantage of this knowledge passed down from many generations will equip you with the means to heal yourself, family, and friends.

Course is FULL
Max: 10 Students per Class
Only 0 Seats Left!

Cost: $129.00

Begins: JANUARY 29, 2020
Course Duration: 6 Weeks
Certificate: Yes

Week 1
What Is Curanderismo?
Understanding Spiritual Illnesses
The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Words And Thought Patterns
Other People's Energy
Public Places
More About Spiritual Illness
Famous Healers...Don Pedrito Jaramillo
Learning To Breathe With Nature
Healing And Spiritual Terms

Week 2
Famous Healers: El Niño Fidencio
Tools Of The Spiritual Healer
Preparing Your Healing Tools
Making Holy Water
Making Blessed Salt
Making Blessed Oil
Blessing Saint Images
Blessing Objects
Toxic Herbs
Prayers For Protection
How To Interview A Person

Week 3
Healing Generational Curses
Spiritual Cleansing
Prayers Used For Spiritual Cleansings
Disposing Of Used Items
Spiritual House Cleansing
Reading The Egg

Week 4
Testing For Mal De Ojo (Evil Eye)
Healing Mal De Ojo (Evil Eye)
Removing The Evil Eye From A Woman
Removing The Evil Eye From A Man
Removing The Evil Eye From A Child
Protecting Against The Evil Eye
Spiritual Healing Baths
Famous Healers: Teresita Urrea
Saints For Medical Conditions
Crystal Wands

Week 5
What Causes Susto?
Healing Susto
Susto Protection Amulet
Famous Healers: Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez
Healing Hands
Homeopathy Linked To Energy Healing
The Deeper Side Of Susto: Espanto
Herbs For The Spiritual Healer
The Importance Of Grounding And Centering
How To Give A Hot Stone Massage

Week 6
Famous Healers: Maria Sabina
Encountering The Incubus And Succubus
Protecting Against Incubus/Succubus Attacks
An Assortment Of Protection Prayers
Psychic Vampires
Protection From Psychic Vampires
Creating Sacred Space
Building And Restoring Energy
Body Scanning

My courses reflect my Catholic faith and the traditional ways of my Curanderismo Roots. But the material can be applied to all paths and religions. No Refunds will be made after the course has started

Email Courses  >  Healing Spiritual Illness Course

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