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Email Courses  >  Saint Magic (Folk Magic) Course
<span style='font-size: 22px;'><strong> Saint Magic (Folk Magic) Course </strong></span>

Saint Magic (Folk Magic) Course

Price: $129.00

Learn the hidden secrets of invoking the Saints for guidance, power, success, and more. By an instructor with over 30 years experience!

Course is FULL
Max: 10 Students per Class
Only 0 Seats Left!

Cost: $129.00

Begins: JANUARY 29, 2020

Course Duration: 6 Weeks
Certificate: Yes

Week 1
What Is A Saint?
History of Saints
The Importance of Water
The Blessing of Water and how to do it
Spiritual Saint Baths: History, Religion and Culture
Folk Magic: The Bath Ritual
Bathing By the Phases of the Moon
Bath Recipes for Particular Saints
How to Prepare a New Saint Statue
Working with the Saints
Terms Related To Our Saints

Week 2
Interesting History of Saint Medals
Incorporating the Psalms
What Is A Novena?

Week 3
Getting To Know Our Saints: The Life of St Anthony of Padua (San Antonio De Padua)
St Anthony Spells
Working With St Anthony of Padua
Finding Lost Items
Saint Anthony Water
Removing the Infant Jesus
Alms: Saint Anthony Bread
Saint Anthony Protection
St. Anthony's Lily
Saint Anthony Prayers
Getting To Know Our Saints: The Life of Saint Barbara (Santa Barbara)
St Barbara Spells
Working with Saint Barbara
House Protection
To Bring Luck
Protect Yourself While You Sleep
Saint Barbara Prayers
Getting To Know Our Saints: Saint Martin of Tours (San Martin Caballero)
St Martin Spells
Working With Saint Martin of Tours
Successful Business
Lucky Home
Financial Gain
Saint Martin of Tours Prayers

Week 4
Getting To Know Our Saints: Saint Expedite (San Expedito)
St Expedite Spells
Working with St Expedite
For Fast Money
St Expedite Prayers
Getting To Know Our Saints: Saint Jude Thaddeus (San Judas)
St Jude Spells
Working With Saint Jude Thaddeus
For Healing
For Money in Desperate Cases
Saint Jude Thaddeus Prayers
Getting To Know Our Saints: Saint Joseph (San Jose)
St Joseph Spells
Working with Saint Joseph
The Eight Promises of St. Joseph
Family Happiness
For Fast Sale of a Property
Saint Joseph Prayers

Week 5
Powerful Medals: The Miraculous Medal
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Prayers
Getting To Know Our Saints: The Virgin of Guadalupe (Virgen De Guadalupe)
Guadalupe Spells
Working With the Virgin of Guadalupe
For Blessings of All Kinds
Plants Associated With the Blessed Virgin
Virgin of Guadalupe Prayers

Week 6
Powerful Medals...The Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict
The Blessing of the Medal of St. Benedict
Description of the Medal
The Use of the Medal
St. Benedict Medal Prayers
Powerful Medals...The Holy Rosary
The Fifteen Promises to Those Who Pray the Rosary
Powerful Medals...Sacred Heart of Jesus
Promises to Those Who Honor the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayers
Powerful Medals...Seven Sorrows of Mary
The Graces Given To Those That Meditate On the Seven Sorrows
Powerful Medals....Divine Mercy
Getting To Know Our Saints: Saint Theresa of Liseaux (Santa Teresa Liseaux)
St Theresa Spells
Working with Theresa
Crown of Thorns for Protection
St Theresa Prayers

My courses reflect my Catholic faith and the traditional ways of my Curanderismo Roots. But the material can be applied to all paths and religions.

No Refunds will be made after the course has started

Email Courses  >  Saint Magic (Folk Magic) Course

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